Captain Ghul-din is one of the captains of the Crimson Swords, who also rules over Broken Tower.

Ghul-din Close-up

Biography Edit

Not much is mentioned about her, other than that she's a woman and the ruler over Broken Tower Redoubt. It is also known that her colleages were doubtful about her being a woman, but accepted her anyway. She is also known as the master of melee in the Crimson Swords.

Appearance Edit

She is a grayish orc with no hair, save for a little ponytail on her head.

Fighting style Edit

She uses melee, as her title suggests, and wears ebony armor, that is slightly modded in the series to give it a blueish tint. She uses a ebony greatsword as her main weapon and uses some powers to enhance her strength.

Trivia Edit

  • She was called Goldeen repeatedly by Dark during season 1 of K'joor, which is a reference to the Pokémon.