10 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor - Season 2 - "The Elf"

10 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor - Season 2 - "The Elf"


A piece of fanart by Theifowns1 of Alianor.

Alianor is a female wood-elf who is a master archer and part of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. In K'Joor's team, her role is the archer distant from battle.


Alianor is a young wood-elf with dark brown shoulder-length hair and almond (shape) chestnut eyes. Near the start of the let's play, she had a tattoo on her eye. [According to Marthar, she has a large bottom.]



Skills and Abilities

  • Sneaking - Being an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood, Alianor can sneak past enemies quite well.
  • Archery - Another benefit of an assassin, she can shoot from long ranges with her bow.
  • Dual Weilding - When in close combat, Alianor will often switch to her Elite Nighingale Blades, she has one for her right hand and one for her left hand. Since The Gangs equipment was destroyed, Alianor started using two axes she received from the Dawnguard.