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The Crimson Swords is a mercenary group consisting mostly of Orcs, and they are under the leadership of Doben.

Appearance in the show

The Crimson Swords played a crucial part in Season 1 of K'Joor's adventures, as they had given K'Joor a task that had to be completed. They demanded that K'Joor gathered 100,000 gold, to get his family back. We don't see them a lot before the second half of the season, where K'Joor and his friends start taking out the Crimson Leaders. They also play a big part in the final episode of the season. Very little is seen of them in Season 2 of the show, however.

Crimson Captains


Ghul-din is the master of melee within the Crimson Swords. She wears ebony mail and has an ebony greatsword. She is found in ___


Crazy-Tooth is the master of ranged within the Crimson Swords. He wears a full set of dragonplate armor and carries a ___ bow. He is found in ___. His gear is cursed, however, and when K'Joor goes to equip the specialized light armor version of it, he turns on his friends.

The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is the master of magic within the Crimson Swords. He wears daedric armor and relies mostly on his high-level spells. He is found in ___. 

The Hatredfall Fort

This is the fort where K'Joor's family was held captive. The gang had to kill all three leaders in order to get the full note leading to it's destination. It consists of several forts in one, hence why it is so massive on the inside.


  • Ghul-din's name is a reference to the Pokémon named Goldeen.
  • Right before K'Joor is cursed by Crazy-Tooth's armor, he has 666 Crimson Arrows. This was not on purpose.