Doben killing K'Joor in Season 1 episode 6

"You can't kill me!" - Doben, right before he is crushed in Season 1.

Doben is the name given to all wheelcarts in VFTD's let's plays. He has appeared in multiple games, and this is believed to be part of a global conspiracy.


Doben first appeared in Alice's Let's Play, in Episode 15. Dark was pushing the wheelcart around, and suddenly remembered an old MMO he used to play called RuneScape. In RuneScape, there was a toy horsey you could play with, and sometimes your character would say "Come on, Dobbin! We can win the race!" when interacting with it. So as Dark pushed it over a bridge, he got it into his mind that it was a race, and called the cart for "Doben", having forgotten that the actual name was "Dobbin".

Later when the wheelcart was encountered, Dark would joke around and push it. This had several different results, some of them death. He eventually became a part of the storyline towards the end of Season 1, and his evil came to be noticed. In Season 2, he is the main antagonist.


Doben quickly became one of the most popular characters to have in fan art, whether it was drawings, game screenshots, or IRL pictures.


  • VFTD once planned to make a documentary about Doben.
  • VFTD once made a song about K'Joor crushing Doben.