"Who are you? What's going on? Where am I?" - Dragonborn, after being cursed by Doben.

General info


The Dragonborn.

The mysterious, blonde, viking-looking Nord known as the Dragonborn is a true force to be reckoned with. Only seen in his own series, Dragonborn, he has only spoken once on camera. Very little is known of his background, but many Darklings are guessing he will appear to join K'Joor's adventures in Season 2.

Combat style

The Dragonborn uses dragon shouts and swords in combat. His favorite shouts are slow time and elemental fury. VFTD often calls this "Matrix mode". The Nord often carries a shield, which many think is to protect himself from dragon fire.

01 VFTD Plays Skyrim Dragonborn - (The Doben Island)

01 VFTD Plays Skyrim Dragonborn - (The Doben Island)

The first episode of Dragonborn.