"Tell me more of the story, please!" - Dunmer Traveller


The Dunmer in Riften.

The Dunmer Traveller is a light-hearted, cheery, and sometimes annoying Dark Elf who follows Marthar around and listens to him tell how Season 2 went.


The nameless traveller is first seen in the Bee and Barb in Riften, where he finds Marthar sitting alone with his jug of ale. He asks him to tell a grand and epic story, but Marthar declines. After some persuasion however, the old man gives in and starts telling.

The young Dunmer is very persistent, following Marthar almost everywhere, even when he turned into a troll and hid away at High Hrothgar. His armor suggests that he was, or is a thief.


Very little is known so far, but Dark might have plans to tell more...


  • Many people think he is a Bosmer, but this is just due to his light skin color
  • During the first draft of the prologue, Dark had planned that a kid would come up and talk to Marthar instead.