K'Joor in Season 2, Episode 16.

Kamehame kitty powah by lumnieraptor-d62cdi3

Fan art of K'Joor releasing his "kitty cat powers", made by LumnieRaptor.

"KITTY CAT POWER!" - K'Joor when using his special powers.

General info

K'Joor is a Khajiit male who began his adventures in Skyrim when his family was taken hostage. The band of Orc mercenaries called themselves the Crimson Swords and would not release his family until he paid them 100,000 gold. The story of how he regained his family is the main plot for Season 1, but there is plenty of lollygagging and adventuring alongside it.

He can easily be called VFTD's mascot. His characteristic voice and happy tone is something the Darklings seem to appreciate.


K'Joor has a bit of a conflicting personality. During his quest for 100,000 gold, he killed a lot of people without being sure of their guilt. And despite this, he also rescues people when he can.


During Season 2, several strange events suggest that K'Joor posesses great powers, and these particularily come into play in Season 2 Episode 13.

01 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor (Season 1) - "A Cat in Riverwood"

01 Let's Play Skyrim with K'Joor (Season 1) - "A Cat in Riverwood"

The first episode of Season 1.

K'Joor can also mysteriously..climb *cough* tcl *cough* up steep mountains.