Lucien in his hideout.

"Quote placeholder" - Lucien Lachance

Lucien Lachance used to be the Speaker of the Black Hand in Cyrodiil back in the Third Era. Now, 200 years later, he's back to help K'Joor and the gang defeat Doben.


Lucien has clearly expressed his hate for Doben, as Doben got him killed back in the Third Era, while posessing the body of Mathieu Bellamont. The Night Mother gave him a second chance to avenge himself, and he was sent back down to Skyrim. He now helps the team plan operations and has given a lot of invaluable information about Doben.


Lucien Lachance is a cold person, with little empathy and tons of cynicism. K'Joor has trouble trusting him at first, but Lachance turns out to be a useful asset.