Lund, as seen during the meeting in his hut.

"I can barely wield a sword! Uhh... I'll stay here and pack up!" - Lund

Lund is a Nord farmer with special powers. He is the one who foresaw the evil of Doben, and he is the one who sent Taz to locate K'Joor.


Very little is known of Lund at this point in time, besides from the fact that he has special powers and that he was once saved by Taz. He can collect information from the world around him, and even obscurely foresee events that are yet to come. Lund is also good friends with Lucien Lachance.


Lund is cowardly, but is able to muster up some courage if the situation needs it.


  • The reason Lund got a role is because of what happened in Season 1, Episode 28, where Dark derped around with his twin brother's body.