"We are in this together, yes?"  -Phantom-Fish

Phantom-Fish (commonly referred to just "Phantom") is an Argonian Battlemage/Spellsword who joins K'Joor in his adventures in the second season to assist him in his fight against Doben after he had saved him from an invasion inside Mzinchaleft. He appears to be more calm and collected than the rest of K'Joor's companions, being more prone to rational thinking than the rest.


Phantom-Fish is a young Argonian with rich green scales and gray horns that curve inward. He has a thin snout with 3 horns protruding from his jawline. His body appears thin, and he has a small scar on his left eye.


Phantom-Fish had been a student at the College of Winterhold some time before he had met K'Joor and his friends, though it is not certain whether he attened the college at the same time Marthar did. He attented the college with his sister Flies-With-Falcons, who gave him two daggers named Aliva and Baluga, which he would later give to K'Joor. At a later date, his sister, Flies-With-Falcons had been kidnapped and put into slavery by the Dunmer, presumably during a class or excercise for the college, but he still continued to study at the college despite what happened. 

Skills & Abilities

  • Swordsmanship - Phantom Fish is shown to be very capable at wielding a sword in combat, and often uses one as a primary weapon.
  • Duplication - Phantom Fish has the ability to conjure near perfect replicas of himself called "Mirror Images", which are fully capable of fighting, but not of communication, only moaning when interacted with.
  • Conjuration - Phantom Fish is known to be adept at conjration, being able to summon familiars to aid him in battle, although his ability to duplicate himself is often used over this.


When Phantom Fish was introduced, he wore an outfit consisting of an "Adept Robe of Destrution", "Appretice Hood", "Boots" and a "Steel Sword". Later in that same episode, he was given the "Fortified Dawnbreaker" by K'joor, and used it over his steel sword up to until all the group's equipment had been destroyed.

Currently he is wearing a set of "Dawnguard Armor" and a "Dawnguard Axe".