Taz resting on a bed.

Taz is a female Khajiit who joins K'Joor in his adventures after she was sent by Lund to warn him about Doben's return. K'Joor and Taz seem more and more like a couple.==Appearance and personality== Taz had grey fur early on the series, but her fur has turned brown in the later ones. This is because of a graphical glitch in Skyrim. She has ear piecings, light brown braids, and red eyes (is this confirmed?). Taz is a quiet Khajiit but she is always ready to aid K`Joor whenever he may need her.


  • Taz is made by a Darkling named Shadowabliss. She is used with permission.
  • Taz is pregnant with K`Joor`s child.