Snowepup k joor season 2 vftd fan art by voicesfromthedark-d5bvfeh

A picture of the gang from the start of Season 2, made by a Darkling named Snowepup.

Throughout the Skyrim series, K'Joor uses the term "gang" about the group he travels with most often. Also referred to as the "travel team", this is the small force that walks with K'Joor for most of Season 2 . They vary in size from episode to episode, but there's often at least 3 characters.

They're often switched out, and the storyline heavily affects the setup of the group. K'Joor, Marthar , Alice , Alianor and Taz can be said to be the most central characters, as they appeared in Season 1 as well.

List of characters and when they joined for the first time

K'Joor: Season 1, Episode 01

Alice: Season 1, Episode 12

Marthar: Season 1, Episode 28

Alianor: Season 1, Episode 28

Taz: Season 2, Episode 01

Lund: Season 2, Episode 03

Lucien: Season 2, Episode 03

Lisette: Season 2, Episode 03

Phantom-Fish : Season 2, Episode 05

Nora : Season 2, Episode 08

Grrath : Season 2, Episode 11

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Other stuff

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