01 VFTD Plays Oblivion - "Birth of the Demon"

01 VFTD Plays Oblivion - "Birth of the Demon"

The first episode of Zun'dranei's adventures.

Xxsakuraluverxx k joor and zun vftd fan art by voicesfromthedark-d5eiz8h

A picture of K'Joor and Zun'dranei standing together, made by XxSakuraLuverxX.

Zun'dranei is a Succubus assassin who appears in VFTD's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion series. She is very good looking and very deadly. Zun uses her charm to disarm the enemy, before she strikes.

When trying to seduce men, she goes under the human name: Randie Nuz.

General info

Zun'dranei is a member of the Dark Brotherhood at the rank of Silencer. She is also a member of the Arcane University at the rank of Warlock. She also is a member of the thieves guild at the rank of Shadowfoot.

In her free time Zun'dranei often murders people, usually it's just one person but on one occasion  she even killed every resident of Sundercliff village.

Skyrim apperance

So far, Zun has not made an appearance in Skyrim. The Darklings are hopeful though...