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Voicesfromthedark 1000 subs by cookie chan981-d4x57c3 (1)

The first VFTD fan art ever, by EmpatheticFrog.

This is the official wikia page of VoicesFromTheDark. It's a work in progress :)

I know there was created another page (, but due to lack of administrative privileges, I decided it's best to control one with my closest Darklings :D

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Do any Dobenish stuff and you'll get blocked :) And watch that grammar, please xD

- VoicesFromTheDark :)

What is on this Wiki?

This Wiki page is about the YouTube user VoicesFromTheDark, and his Let's Play series, mainly Skyrim. You'll find info about characters, and series themselves. Very, very early in development! xD

Skyrim characters w/ pages (more coming):

Snowepup k joor vftd fan art by voicesfromthedark-d5bvfa2

A picture of K'Joor from Season 1, made by Snowepup.

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