Snowepup k joor and dark vftd fan art by voicesfromthedark-d5bvf0m

A drawing of Dark and K'Joor, made by a Darkling named Snowepup.

  "Wabajagacheechongoo!" - Dark's sneeze.

Carl is the creator of the VoicesFromTheDark YouTube channel, and the main source of information on these pages.

His current, most used nicknames are: Carl, Dark, Voices, VFTD and Darky.

He has a custom-built computer with the specs: 8GB RAM & Intel i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz & AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series graphics card.


Carl William Holm was born in 1996, on January 11th. His home is in Oslo, Norway. He likes the fact that his first name was not 'Norwegian.' His first and middle name was received from his ancestors.


He is at least 5" tall, as he has not told any darklings/friends his current height. He is 17 years old, has brown-blonde spiked hair, and thick eyebrows. He claims to have grey-green eyes, yet the videos he presents consists of brown tones. This is due to the color correction he often adds.


Dark has said on several occasions that he would be lost without the support of his Darklings. They make his day a lot brighter, and he looks at the YouTube hobby as a fair exchange. He makes videos that entertains people, and the people respond with support, respect, and love.


  • VFTD's first account was created on the 7. January 2008. It was called "Vidcreator007"